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These catalogues are continually updated inline with vehicles and up to date copies can be sent to you from our office. Specific details are available by contacting:
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Vehicle Refurbishment

Ambulance Fleetcare Service offers various tailor made refurbishment programmes with the ultimate aim of providing a cost effective way of increasing the life span of the vehicle. With the ever increasing costs of buying new vehicles, refurbishments offer significant benefits at much lower costs, whilst giving you the piece of mind that the vehicle is 100% fit for duty.

Our experienced workshops refurbish frontline operational vehicles, older & private vehicles as well as covering maintenance issues and extensively damaged vehicles. Whatever the condition we can offer a programme to suit.

A brief outline of the benefits of our refurbishment programmes.

  • Cost effective compared to buying new vehicle
  • Vehicles can be returned to operation in an ‘As New’ condition
  • Benefits for crew who still have a vehicle with operations they are familiar with, saving on retraining and operational issues
  • Systems and operations can be upgraded and modernised to newer versions
  • High engineering standards and skills ensure maximum productivity and rapid turn-around compared to new builds Increase the working life span of the vehicle

Specific details and programmes of works are available on a one-to-one basis.

Our programmes are a realistic option for all customers’ vehicles, age and condition are not factors A.F.S considers. At the end of any refurbishment programme the customer can expect the highest standards of workmanship with a quality end product.